Understanding The Use Of Sexual Violence In our Work.

This is Just a Short Explanation.

What You Have To Understand Is. If Someone If Trying To Harm Us In A Particular Way. We Stop Them.

In Many Cases. Putting People In Jail Doesn’t Do Much. Blue Bloods Seem To Run The Jail Anyway And They Just Run Their Business From Jail.

So If People Are Going To Target us In Particular Ways, We Are Going To Target You in The Same Way. And Its Not About Vengeance, Its Really About Equality.

Because The Truth Is By Nature We Don’t Think About Doing These Things To Other People. The Topic Is Only Raised When Such Things Are Done To Us.

So Thats Why At Certain Time You Will See Sexual Violence In Our Work. At The End Of The Day, We Are Also Responsible For Controlling The Races That Live Around Us. If They Make Aggressive Moves Into Our Lives We Also Have To Curtail Them. 


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