Posting / ID

Guys Im Locked Out Of Facebook And LinkedIn Still.

LinkedIn Is Asking For ID. Im Not Going To Provide.

It’s Really Simple What We Wanted To Teach With ID.

Ive Got A Bunch of “Read Techniques” I’ll Teach About At Some Point.

Some Reads, Not Heaps But Some Come From What I Call A “Natural Read” – You Get The Wisdom From The Natural Sound Of The Word.

Identifentication Is Basically Eye + Dentification.

So It Is Speaking of Tooth Matter Forming In The Eye. It Seems To Be Referring To Basically The Solidification Of The 3rd Eye We Presumed Was Caused By Fluoridation Of Water.

So At A Deep Occult Level I Would Say Forces Know As A Magical Working If You Force People To Present ID, You Can Then Coerce Them Or Force Or Make Claims Against Them In Their Solidified Form – Presenting ID Is Almost Like Saying, Im A Solidified Soul, Im Not A Free Spirit Entity.

Its Hard To Understand At First, But With Crypto I Used To Be Able To Transact Without Heaps Of ID – It Really Bamboozled Me That Some Force Came Through Crypto And Added Strict ID Everywhere. Most Of The Time I Dont Mind Iding Myself. But When A Corporate Gets Funny About It, You’ve Got A Bunch Of Blue Monsters Behind A Desk At LinkedIn / Facebook two Blue Jew Outposts Just Going, Can We Pin Something On This Person. Will We Be Able To Rob / Arrest Them.

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