Just Going To Drop A Few Straight Photos.

Because People Say This And That To Me, Like “You Should Do This” – And They Think Like An Incident Is Just A Normal Incident.

Anyways This Is My First Night In Manilla. I Was So Chill, I was Just About To Go In And Watch A Movie When I Took This Shot.

This Is A Typical Cursor That I’ll See In Australia, It Comes Out Of Japan, Its In Manilla, Thailand – You Just Have To Know What You Are Looking At.

With All The Stuff Im Publishing Im Going To Spend Less Time Explaining The Occultism Because Being Honest I Have Published It Before. Just Want To Show You, Points Some Things Out. You Should Figure It Out.

Anyways This Dude, For 1 – Dog On A Chain. Curse Symbology. And You Have To Understand This Stuff Because If You Don’t Develop The Symbolic Meanings In Things The Story Escapes You. So He’s Got A Dog On A Leash – Its Got A Bulls Jersey Another Obvious Occult Symbol. Deep Meaning There.

Just A Couple Of Other Points, So his Bag Angle Is Like Promoting Ignorance. He’s Going Into The Steel, And He’s Beneath The Twinkling Lights Because He’s Dark.

Just Wanted To Show You Guys The Climate On My First Night In Manilla, An Officer Said To Me Verbally ‘We Have Been Following You Closely Since You Arrived’.


Next Photo Will Be Of A Security Guard.

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