Decode Keys: New Feature Brief.

This is just a little information about a new feature we are adding to

Decode Keys are are data store of our interpretation of Numbers, Letters, Words, Codes, Colours and more.

We give you these keys so you can understand in detail the information teaching and instruction we include in our work.

We want to see a world where when we compose our words. When we convey our thoughts. When we produce our art. All of our production energy. Is produced with divine intent. Thats what we’ve been trying to teach you.

So if when you type your posts on the internet. If you still only look at words as like a block of letters and don’t try and understand the meaning using the letter composition of the word. You my friend. Are A Monkey. You are like a monkey watching people practice magic.

So Bit by Bit we are going to give you information about our codes and meaning so you can improve your skills. Shape your intent. Practice your craft. And ascend together with us all.

More Decode keys and information coming soon.

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