M777 Cum Shot – Understanding The Male Orgasm


This Post Is A Lesson Designed to Give A Deeper Understanding Of The Properties of The Male Orgasm and How It Helps Men Grow and Heal. There are two main sensations or feelings around the male orgasm we will document in this post that basically comes from my sensation when ejaculating. With the Female Orgasm… Continue reading M777 Cum Shot – Understanding The Male Orgasm

Lesson: Pee & Poo

This lesson is to teach on the essence of two core bodily functions. In English to Pee is To Urinate.  To Poo is to Excrete the Food Energy you have Consumed. Just as we aim to educate on the Sexual Function. We also aim to educate on whole body health. Here are the decodes. PEE:… Continue reading Lesson: Pee & Poo