Why Things Got So Nasty With Bella. 

Im Not Going To Write Heaps On This.

But When I Broke Up With Bella. I Just Sent Her An Email. It Was Quite Friendly. Being Realistic, Any Sensible Man Would Have Done The Same.

Then Years Passed. And As I Was Travelling.

I Started Receiving Communications Via Websites – Such As For Example.

Vogue Magazine. That Was In Fact The Primary One Which I Subscribed To At The Time.

Do A Decode Read On Vogue, It’s Not Nice. 

When I Went Overseas. Mum Said Something About Bella. I Said, Oh I Think She’s Had A Baby With Someone.

I Was Well Past It, Moved On. Anyways These Comms Started Coming Down. 

Which Basically Said, We Have Had A Word With Bella. As In. A Word, Telling Her Not To Be A Trollop.

But The Reason They Care. And People May Not Think About This Stuff. You Get Your Job, Because A Company Supports You. It’s The Whole Picture. They Like Your Type. They Want You To Continue. So Whoever Supports You You May Consider They Want To Support Your Whole Family.

So They Obviously Want To Breed Ton Tons.

If You Look At The Breton. Their Religion Is Roman Catholic. So It’s Obviously A Downwardly Transmuted Bloodline That Have Been Bred To Be Sub Saturn Servants.

I Have Said Before. That A Bunch Of My Family Including My Brother Have Married Ton Ton Bloodlines. Transmuted Beneath God.

But There Are Stories In My Family, Before My Time Of High Ascension.

So That’s One Aspect Of Why They Got Nasty.

They Want You To Marry A Ton Ton, So You Don’t Breed Strong Competition.

I’m Not Really Saying This To Be Rude To Bella. If You Think I’m Being Some Type Of Geneticist Or Elitist Breeder, I Learn This Stuff By Decoding What They Are Saying. Not By Studying Reproduction Or Anything Like That.

Bella Hadid. It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Figure Out What They Are Saying.

The Second Aspect Is That They Want You To Breed With Women That Are Sub Elemental.

Women Who Haven’t Figured Out How To Ascend. And They Want You To Birth Sub Elemental Babies While Your Being Is Unholy. 

Again, Higher Chances It Is Inverted Or Higher Chances That It Doesn’t Have Strong Consciousness Or Resonance With God.  

I’ve Posted Photos Of People Within My Family And Others Where The Masonry Has Clearly Demonstrated They Are Sub Elemental. Unholy.

That’s Why It Got Nasty, I Wasn’t The One Flinging Energy And Innuendo Around Television Media. But If You Are Going To Do That. You Have To Expect Something is Going To Be Said Back.

At The End Of The Day, I Don’t Mind Getting Down To Truths. We Are Richer For Knowing The Deep Truths About The Choices We Make.

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