What Came Down The Piper That Has Them So Cut?

So If You Haven’t Noticed. I Told You in Another Post The Media Went Funny Right?

Its Entire Nations Defence Systems Kicking In. In Some Respects Early Defence. In Others Deeper Defence.

Because We Insist On Natural Light Casting. Some Nations Not All Are Showing More Transparent Media.

I Won’t Say Exactly What Was Said. But I Know Niggers And Dumb Americans Were Told. Watch Your Fuckin Neck Or You Will Be Had.

People Generally Considered Americans Dumb. I Have Worked With Them. Their Masonry Sucks Balls. They Are Not That Bright. They Think They Are Going To Install Energetic Raping And Spirit Hexing Architecture All Over The World And Get Away With. They Don’t Expect To Be Told They Will Be Removed. They Were Told. They Don’t Like It. 

Here Are Some Of The Things I Have Seen.

There Was A Bitter Ass Fat Politicking Nigger On TV In Australian Spewing Some Trash About Bullying. Sure Nigger Sure.

There Are Some Rappers On The Jew Tube That Looked Petrified. These Are These Full Grown Men Hard Rap Niggers. Looking Like They Are Shitting In Their Pants. Why? Something Came Down The Light Pipes And Had A Word.

A Lot Of The Rap Niggers Also Look Bitter. Why? I Mean How Could You Ever Get What You Want By Just Taking Your Scripts From A Cult And Casting Out Curse Media? The Realm Will Never Bend To Your Desires. 

One Of The Youtube Channels That I Often Watch Or Recommend Won’t Say Which. Went All Funny. And Its Like I Was Something They Were Playing With. And Then He Went. Oh. No No No. We Are Not Going To Do That Any More. We Are Going To Kill That. That Was The Vibe.

It’s Really Funny How The Masonry Works. Youtube Is All Curse. But They Find Creative Ways To Basically Teach Me How The Curse Works And Allows Me To Teach Other People What Happens. There Must Be Many People Who Come Up Against These Forces. 

I Received A Synthetic AI Threat Through Bandcamp Basically Telling Me That They Were Going To Murder Me. It Was A Back Time Stamped Soundtrack And Movie Production.  

The Reason The Are So Cut, Is The Don’t Want Men Initiated To The Extent They Are Taking Me. They Want Us All To Be A Bunch Of Spineless Ball-less Bob Geldof Faggots. They Want To Chemically Neuter Us, Financially Neuter Us, Neuter Us Any Which Way They Can.

I Told You About The South African Dr Threatening Me So Did The Canadian. Its Like – If You Use Your Brain You Are Going To Be In Big Shit Sunshine.

Well In Prison. They Thought If They Are Violent. I’ll Slow Down. Take The Warning. But I Fought Back In Prison. The Torture Was So Extreme I Thought It Was Going To Take A Year To Recover. It Just Took Me About 2 weeks, Smoking A Bunch Of Tree And Then Eating Some Mega Grindage In Krungthep. Then Right Back At Da Niggers.   

Finally The Politicians In General Look Like They Are Panicking And Some Heavy Shit Is Coming Down The Piper. Again, If You Are Told You Are Sealed In, You Are Cult, You Are In The Know And Then Realm Shifts On You. The Job Shifts. All The Names And The People On Your Government Paperwork Don’t Mean What You Thought. Like I Said Before Its Like Reaching For God When It May Be Too Late.

The Vibe Around Here Is Really Funny As Well. Its Like Pre Covid. The Streets Are Quiet. There Is Heavy Stalking. But Also People Out Watching The Stalkers. They Flew A Chopper Over My House A Few Days Back. Heavy Surveillance.

We Got Em Panicking. Nice Work Stu. Im A Fan Of Your Work.

Thats All Guys, Thats Just A Summary Of What I Saw Coming Down The Piper. 

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