Unholy Dreams @ BJMP

Gotta Tell You About A Somewhat Explicit Dream I Had At BJMP.

Keep In Mind No Banana Play For A Month. As Things Started Looking Up I Stopped Fantasising About Food And Went Back To Cats.

So It’s About A Girl Called Purple Pants Leah.

I Think Leah Was Her Name. 

Being Honest. When We Hung Out In Thailand As A Group, I Really Didn’t Have Any Major Kind of Boner Over The Girl. Just A Nice Person We Spent Time With. 

Just Like I Posted A Pic Of A Person Called Camilla We Hung Out With In Scandinavia. No Particular Major Boner. I Actually Had To Plow Through Old Emails To Find Her Name.

Anyway, At BJMP I Had A Lucid Explicit Dream About Purple Pants Leah.

We Were At A House Party.

Bunch Of People On The Terps Having A Good Time.

It Got Late Into The Night.

I Had Somehow Managed To Turn Purple Pants Leah Into No Pants Leah. 

I Know That’s Rapid Progression In The Story. I Guess That Says Something About Men’s Minds When It Comes To Explicit Dreams.

Then A Bunch Of People Decided To Leave The Party To Restock Drinks. Just Like Back In The Day We Use To Do Late Night Bottle-O Runs.

So Things Were Looking Good. Stu Was About To Capitalise On An Empty Room.

But There Was One Prick That Just Refused To Leave The Party.

Sitting Directly Across From Us.

Just Sitting There, Staring. Being Stubborn. Fucking Up My Chance At Action.

Tim Cook.

AKA. Rainbow Balls.

Refused To Step Out Of The Room. 

I Sat There Frustrated For 1/2 An Hour. Dropping Hints. Fuck Tim. Stu Wants Some Of That No Pants Leah Action.

He Still Wouldn’t Move.

I Left The Party Action-less. Leaving Leah With Timmy. Telling Her Id Catch Her Later.

2 Days Later They Let Me Out Of BJMP. 

You Behind The Steel On That Staircase Leah. And There Is No Light On The Light Post. THINK ABOUT IT!

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