Rare Chandeliers.

This Is A Story About My Time Working @ Starcom.

There Are Two Stories I Want To Tell About Laura. I Have This Feeling I Have Told One Before. Have To Go Back And Read All My Old Ish.

So When I Worked @ Starcom. I Was Always In Flow State. Like The Tash Album. It Always Blows My Mind That All English Speakers Have The Vocab Stress / Tension. But Nobody Knows The Inverse State. Flow State.

As I Cruised The Halls Of Starcom Bumping Tracks On Repeat. To The Point Certain Tracks Reached Play Counts Of Thousands. I Spent The Last 3 Days Trying To Find What Those Tracks Were.

  1. Action Bronson – Steve Wynn. Funny Irony To This. Stayed @ That Hotel. A Story For Some Other Time.
  2. Bow Wow – Still Ballin – I Tell You What. Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat.

One Day Laura Pulls Me Aside In The Hall And Says She Needs To Talk. She Said To Me, That I Need To Have A Little Less Headphone Action During The Day. Because People Were Starting To Call Me The Guy With The Headphones. Instead Of My Real Name. Stueena Dominianos.

I Was Pretty Bitter @ First. Cursing And Spitting. Fuckin American Bitch. What The Fuck Would She Know. Fuckin Miserable Anti Cannabis British Motherfuckers……….

Anyways, After A While I Settled And I Guess If They Wanted Me Working In A Bit Closer With The Youngsters And What Not, You have To Leave Communication Open.

So Maybe I Had A Little Less Earphone Time After That. She’d Be Hard Pressed Winning That Battle These Days. My Incase Is A Literal Earphone Arsenal.

Will Try And Drop That Next Story In A Month Or So.


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