Pre Birth Abortion Attempt

This Story Doesn’t Go Long Because Its Just Something Mum Tells Me.

When She Was Pregnant. A Doctor Said To Her. We Think Your Child May Have Some Type Of Condition. If You Found Out That He Did. Would You Be Willing To Abort It?

Mum Just Said, No We Would Keep It.

But These Blue Archons They Prey On Fear.

And Look How Sick They Are. Throw Them Some Fuckin Crackers And They Sit On Jew Tube Spitting Out Jew Pig Curse Bile. 

Ive Been In Public Teaching And Advocating For Decades. Mostly No Money Requested. Mostly Good Spirit. Why Are They So Easy To Turn?

But Point Is. Im Sure The Blue Archons Can Smell Holy Blood A Million Mile Away. They Can Smell It In The Womb.

So They Do Everything In Their Power To Stop It Replicating. And They Do Everything In Their Power To Murder It In The Womb. And Murder It As A Living Being.

That’s Why There Are Pro Abortion Movements. Good Blood Lines Are Subjected To Advanced Energetic Curtailment Technology Installed In All Of Our Nations. Financially Raped. And Fear Forced Into Scenarios Like Abortion. 

During Our Lives These Curtailment Technologies And The Nations That Feed From Them Will Be Completely Removed From Out Lands.

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