Learning About Your Bapho Cult Family

I Think You Guys See What We Are Teaching Enough With The Pictures I Post.

Im Sure You Get The Message.

Truth Is, I Learn The Most From Reading Back Old Photos.

Its The Technique I Taught You About Inward / Outward Reads.

But Most Of The Photos I Have Posted Are 10 Years Old.

So With The Family Years Ago When I Was Doing Cannabis Advocacy. I Sensed That The Sydney Family Were Corrupt And Sick. Since Then, I Have Had Bizarre Astral Encounters With Those People And Hella Dark Telephone Calls.

I Just Said, Stop Wasting Your Time With Them.

So I Haven’t Known The Depths Of Their Bad Spirit. But I Have Had This Sense. 

So For The Last 10 Years. Ive Done 0 Weddings. 0 0 Birthdays. 0 Christmases. I’ll Probably Do 0 Funerals As Well.

Basically No Interaction With The Family At All.

Not Because Ive Been Aware Of Their Little Book Club.

But Just Because I Sensed There Was A Negative Bad Spirit There.

What They Are Really Doing is Feeding Themselves On My Blood.

If You Are A Man That Has Been Through Divorce For Example. Check Out The Old Photos.

They Will Reveal More About The Enemy Than You Can Imagine. 

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