Heart Of Darkness

So I Woke Up On This Day Saying To Myself.

“Today Is Going To Be A Shit Day”.

I Don’t Know Where The Intuition Comes From. But On This Day I Knew. Because When You Start Making Good Time – George CantStanzYa Style, And Good Progress. People Start Hating And Getting Jealous.

Anyways My Scouting Run Through Phang Nga Was A Success And I Achieved One Of The Things I Wanted To Do This Trip, Just Spend A Few Days In A Thai Town I Have Never Been To. Tried Doing That In Trang On My Way In, But Did Not Have Success In Trang.

Because All Countries Have Defensive And Protective Systems For Their People, Languages, Transport Systems, Financial Systems, Hotel System etc etc etc The Thai People Use All Of These Systems To Defend Themselves.

So When You Have Funny Mysterious Challenging Things Happen to You When You Travel In Thailand. It’s Not A Mystery. You Are Being Tested. You Are Being Observed. You Are Being Punished. You Are Being Rewarded. Could Be All Manner Of Things.

Anyways I Knew On This Day Because I Had Been Going Hard The Thai Monkey Gods Were Going To Make Things Challenging For Me.

When I Get That Feeling I Kind Of Just Prepare For The Challenge. And Say If The Monkey Gods Are Going To Fuck 66% Of My Progress Today, Im Still Going To Move Forward And Make Some Progress.

So Thats What I Did On This Day, Despite The Fact The Morning Taxi I Booked Bailed on Me, I Just Woke Up And Hit The Road. You Can Do That In Thailand. You Can Even Flag Taxis As You Walk On The Road.

Long Story Short. Shit of A Day. Hit The Deck 2x. Jepp Everywhere. Long Slow Bus Ride. 4 Hours Waiting In The Terminal. But Eventually Got To Arrive At A Hotel Run By Black And Yellow Franko Thai Niggers Who Refused To Let A Weary Injured Traveller Check In.

So By The End Of The Day Stu Was A Dead Man Walking.

Found A Place To Eat. Don’t Usually Drink Beer These Days. It’s A Rarity.

But When I Saw This On The Menu.


I Thought. I Must Drink One Of These This Evening.

You Should See The Label On The Back Of The Bottle. It’s Good Stuff.

An Elixir Of  Healing For Such Harsh Days.

I Think This May Be The First Thing The Vietnamese People Have Ever Done That I Appreciate.








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