Armenia Post Back Story

Just Going To Tell A Brief Story On Why We Published This Armenia Post On CBD.TV

I Am Interested In Armenia. Interested In The Modern Language And Their Association With Aramaic. 

So When The Piggers Took Me To Hospital. There Was A Bunch Of Strange Occult Stuff Coming Over The Radio.

Which I Could Decode. Basically It Was Calling The Piggers Away. It Obviously Worked Because As Soon As I Got In The Piggers Left.

But On The TV In The Hospital. You Know The Analogy ‘Steels Coming Down’

Well On The TV In Hospital It Was Anzac Day.

And I Could See Really Clearly. They Were Holding All Of The Anzacs In The Steel.

The Camera People. Were Showing Anzacs In The Steel.

If You Decode Anzac. You Get Divine South 33 Divine Divine. 

So It’s Like A Low Divinity Mystery.

Our Family Have Never Really Supported Anzacs, And Are Generally Anti War.

But There Was A 30 Second Blip On TV Talking About Anzac Crimes Against Armenians.

So Who Knows About That, Haven’t Studied But Again I Just Don’t Believe The Anzac Shit They Shovel Down Our Throat. Buying The Narrative Is Obviously Sub Divine.

So I Was Getting High And Purging In Thailand And I Got All Emotional And Just Thought I Really Want To Write About That Issue. Send A Communication About It.

Thats Where The Post On CBD.TV Came From. A Response To A Media Communication, About A 30 Second Blip I Saw On TV About A Year Before. 

It Seems That Our Family Have Married People From Armenia Before.

So Again, Really Interesting Language. Im Attracted To The Country Because They Say It Was The First Christian Country. I’m Glad I Published That. It’s A Piece Of History Most Ignorant Australian’s Won’t Know.

But The Kicker Is. Do You Notice That Armenia Is Also South Divine – ArmeNIA. Or South Eye Divine.

Its Actually Really Hard To Find A Place To Travel To That Reads Well.

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