A Story About My Laurie.

I Have To Do This.

Only Because. It’s Quite A Few Years Ago That I Met Laurie Now. We Only Spent I Think It Must of Been A Few Weeks In Each others Company.

And I Almost Regret That I Haven’t Made Any Specific Effort to Contact Her, But I Have Kind Of Searched Around For Her.

I Communicate In Esoteric Ways. It’s Just One Of The Ways I And My Broader Family Protect Ourselves.

One Of The Things Im Trying To Teach You In A Few Places Is That The Real Privacy And Security We Have On Earth Is That We Can Manage Our Own Heart. Nobody Knows Exactly How We Feel In Our Own Heart When We Have Experiences Like Making Love.

So If You Practice Things Like Studying The Bible, Art Etc Etc, When It Comes To Protecting Your Love Life And Your Physical Sex Organ, The Body – Keeping Some Sanctity to Concealing And Protecting The Feeling You Hold In Your Heart Is A Good Defence.

So When I Talk About People Like Bella Or Laurie, Old Friends Who Are Dear To My Heart. I Never Really Tell You The Whole Story. I Don’t Share The Intimate Detail In Total. Because The Intimacy Is The Valuable Treasure That Exists Between The Person And I.

It’s Not The Right Style To Sit And Gush Your Heart Out On The Internet About People You Love. But Adding A Little Intelligence, Sophistication & Teaching To Your Love Stories Can Make Divulging Small Pieces Worthwhile.

That’s What Im Going To Do With This Story. Just One Small Piece.

Because The Truth Is That The Stuart & Bella Story & The Stuart & Laurie Story Are Both Much Bigger Than You Imagine.

I Won’t Try And Paint The Whole Picture In One Post.

Anyways This Story Is About The Night That Laurie And Eye Got Together.

Somehow We Decided It Was My Turn To Cook Dinner That Night.

So I Did The Grocery Shopping In Town And We Decided To Cook In Lauries Apartment.

The Dinner Went Well. I Excelled In My Cookery. Full Disclosure. Laurie Did Make A Contribution In The Kitchen.

So During Dinner I Was Trying To Flirt A Little. Showing Laurie That I Liked Her.

At One Point My Efforts Went South. And Laurie Kind Of Pulled Away.

I Just Thought Shit. I’ve Fucked This Up. This Girl That I Have Been Vibing So Well With Really Doesn’t Like Me So Much.

I Got All Grumpy And Depressed.

I Left The Dinner Table And Sat On The Sofa.

At Some Point A Few Minutes Later We Were Just Chatting And Laurie Obviously Realised There Was Some Type Of Miscommunication.

She Came And Sat Beside Me On The Sofa And Then We Slowly Started Hugging.

So That Night We Got Together And Spent Time Together Until Late In The Evening.

Sometimes Communication Friction Determines If People Get Together Or Break Apart.

One Of The Things I Have Learned Now Through This Long And Somewhat Traumatic Experience Is That No Matter Where I Am If I Just Use My Heart And Mind The Right Way I Can Keep A Place For My Loved Ones And Protect Them Wherever They Travel.


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