Romantic Poetry: Whirlwind Tour.

I Hope I’ve Been Well Behaved And Am Not Creating Any Scenes. 

LettUs Show You Niggaz How To Grow Infinite Greens.

Because We Got Led Lights In Our Homes And We Got Fully Rooted Clones. 

Tea And Scones, Smoking Cones. 

Finding New Homes For All These Master Zones. 

So Much Shit To Do That I Can Not Pick Up All These Telephones. 

These Doctors They Attacking Us. They Want To See The Back Of Us. 

I Roll With My Own Pussy Call Her Cattus To The Maximus.  

Youse A Fake. Sly Black Snake. 

I’m Growing Herbs You’re Snitching To The Jake. 

Ignorant Of The Alphabet Fuckin Ignorant Bout Aramaic. 

So Fuckin Lame I Bet You Won’t Ever Get To Experience My Real Handshake. 

Your Hands Are Unholy Nothing You Do Take. No One Give A Fuck About Any Moves You Make. 

Everything That I Touch The Whole Earth Fuckin Shake. 

What You Know About Big Waves In Japan. Earthquakes In Afghanistan.

Try Copping A Prison Sentence In A Shithole They Call Pakistan.  

I Can Not Construe Whether You Are A Muslim Or A Jew. 

But This One Thing I Know Is True. I’ve Never Met A Cunt That’s Quite As Black As You. 

You Like A Blue Suited Skåne Swino Striking A Stupid Pose. 

Who’s So Filthy Fuckin Ignorant He Doesn’t Even Knows. 

That There’s An N And There’s An O. Right Under His Fuckin Nose. 

Still Getting Up That Daily Schwiiing. 

Y’all Just Copped A Little Ding A Ling. 

On The Radio Broadcast Thing. 

From Some Bitch Named Catherine King. 

OH NO, There’s Another Stupid Nigger Dulling Up My Tv Screen. 

Talking Shit Out Its Nigger Nose About Covid 19. 

I’m A White Man Who’s So Pure. You’re A Yellow Monster Who’s Demure. 

Just Dipped In And Out Of Asia Calling It My Whirlwind Tour. 

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