Romantic Poetry: What About Tony?

You Filthy Fuckin Faggots Spend Your Days Playing My Little Pony. You Are So Easily Entertained By A Stupid Coon Named Tony.
Im Talking Bout The Man Armstrong. I’d Rather Be @ Home With My Bong. And Get To Thinking Thoughts That Get This Rod Peaking All Firm And Long. 

See Tony Cut A Cheque By The Same Folks That Bankrolled Kerry Packer. And He Never Going To Teach You Shit Thats Worth A Fuckin Cracker.  

This Jew Pig Cult Conspire To Make Their Evil Gains.
By Hiding Behind A Pack Of Niggers. To Fuck You in The Brains.

They’ll Surround You With Tonys And Play You Like A Clown. 
The End Goal For Them Is To Transmute You Fuckin Down. 

Until You Ain’t Worth A Pinch Of Shit.
In Your Pockets Or Your Mental Bit.  
We’re Talking Truth I Ain’t No Git. 
Now Comes The Next Listen And Sit. 

Here’s A Shout Out To All You Faggot Pinoy Cops.
How’d Shit Get To Poppin With This Seasons Fuckin Crops?

Shout Outs To The Pinoy Pigger Who I Grabbed Up On The Tush.
I Be Back In Australia Now Blowin On The Oak OG Kush.

I’ll Never Step Back In Those Lands I Know It’s Such A Shame. Looks Like We Peeled A Bunch Of You Filthy Monkey Niggers Off Da Plane. 

I Bet There Will Be A Ton More Of Your People Who Meet The Fuckin Sword. But Until The End Of Time I’ll Be Issuing Orders From Abroad. 

Y’all Start To Get The Message And Learn To Change Perhaps.
When We Put Your People Through A Full Elemental Collapse. 

That Storm Was Hella Hella Egay. A Little Storm In A Teacup. 
Looks To Me Like That Hella Egay Shit Hella Hella Fucked You Up.

You Know What Shit Is Really Gay. Guess Who Come To Save The Day. A Bunch Of Faggot US Marines In Faggot Helicopters. 

Why These Yanks Are Faggots These Words Are Simply Put. When We Take On Exploring Your Lands We Do The Shit On Foot.
Now Let Me Break You Off On A Story Bout A Bitch Named Brittney Higgins. Who Be A Basket Ballin Bitch Like My Nigger Andrew Wiggins. 
Britney Higgins Was. A Filthy Breton Slut.
Who Preempted Getting Fucked In Her Own Filthy Breton Butt. 
Now What Type Of Filthy Slut Go And Do A Thing Like That?
It’s Fairly Fuckin Drastic.
It’s Fairly Fuckin Spastic.
The Bitches Fuckin Destiny Is Asking. “Will That Be Paper Or Plastic”
These Scandie Breton Sluts. Turned Out To Be Filthy Fuckin Whack.
If They Don’t Watch They Fuckin Neck They Gonna Catch A Fuckin Pack.
I Think Shits Is A Little Off Somewhere Deep Up In They Head.
She Fucked Like A Decomposing Limp Dead Fish Up In The Bed. 
I Need Some Type Of Bitch Thats Going To Be A Real Go Getter. 
I’ve Fucked With Yellow Bitches That Know How To Do It Fuckin Better. 

Jimmy Wales. Jimmy Fails. Motherfuck All Of Your Jimmy Jails.
All These British English Faggots Turned Out To Be A Pack Of Jimmy Scales. 
These Spineless English Faggots Came Down With A Dose Of The Scabies. They Bend Down And Suck The Dicks Of The Same Jew Pig Cult That Sucks The Dicks Of Little Babies. 
It’s Easy To Let You Know About The Source Of All My Gripes. For Cleaning Babies Dicks Our People Invented Cotton Wipes. 

Last Generations Scottish Faggots Are A Major Fuckin Failure.
Like The Type Of Scottish Faggot That Would Accept An Order Of Australia. 

You Even Fuckin Lower Than A Low Blood Ton Ton Buffoon. Who Would Name Your Filthy Blue Offspring After Some Stupid Jew Pig Cartoon. 
It’s Just Some Dumb Blood Ton Ton Trying To Make A Little Yardage. 
I Don’t Even Watch The Shit Because The Shit Is Fuckin Garbage. 

You So Weak Up In The Brains You Are Deceived By Jew Pig Shit Like Anne Frank. If You Don’t Watch Your Fuckin Selves You’ll Catch A Violent Fuckin Spank. 

You Is A Man Of The Skull And Bones. Sub Saturn Of The Jimmy Jones. With Finite Conception Of The Urgency Of Finessing All Your Vocal Tones.

So Much Shit To Do I Can Not Pick Up All These Telephones.
I Can Not Pick Up All These Telephones.
But These Telephones They Ring.
I Guess I Would Be Happier Just Doing My Own Thing.
Looked Up Who Was Calling On The Interwebs Search Fing.
But It Looked Liked It Was Someone From A Shifty Indian Spam Ring.
I Can Not Pick Up All These Telephones. Thems The Breaks And Thems The Falls.
I Can Not Pick Up All These Telephones. Though I Appreciate Your Calls. 

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