Romantic Poetry: This Bitch Named Laurie.

I Met This Bitch Named Laurie, Man The Bitch Was Fuckin Brainless.

I Never Met A Bitch So Spastic But I Still Stuck My Tongue Deep In It’s Anus.

You See The Name Laurie It Kind Of Means Like Victory.

But You Can Bet Your Fuckin Boots It Don’t Mean Victory To Me.

I Bet To Them Vic-tor-y Mean A Downward Thrust Toward Divinity.

Fed The Bitch Some Salmon And Then Went And Pulled A Root. 

Then Sent The Silly French Bitch Back Into The Trees For Picking Fruit. 

Silly Franko Bitch Just Couldn’t Find The Time. But Now The Bitch Has Gotta Know That All The Time Is Mine.

When I Told Her Pigs Were Chasing Me It Shook Her To The Core. Took Her Panties Off And Hit The Cat While It Was Raw. 

Before You Go Thinking That It’s Me Who Is Sleazy. Remember This Little French Bitch Was The One Who Put The Moves On Me.

Now We Know For Future If The Silly Bitch Is French. Send The Bitch To The Bench To Dodge The Rank Vaginal Stench.  

All Your Faggot Steryotypes Go Feel Free To Entrench. But Im Just About As Fuckin Scottish As I Am Fuckin French. 

Im None  Of These Things, These Things Are All A Lie. What I Am First And Foremost Is A Divine Eye. 

And It’s Only 1’s Who Pass That Grade Is The 1’s That Im Gonna Fuck With. The French Are A Bunch Of Pompous Snotty Ignorant Fuckin Fuck Wits.

So If You See Little Laurie Feel Free To Give The Bitch A Nut. And When You’ve Done Run Through The Bitch Give The Bitch The Cut. 

Bitch Was No Where To Be Seen As My Time To Leave Came Near. Had A Bunch Of Low Blood Aussie Pigs Speaking Shit Up In Her Ear. 

Met Her At The Way Way Where I Was Chilling For My Health. 

But You Filthy Fuckin French Bitches Can Go And Clean Your Fuckin Self.

I Know That You Will Be Thinking That These Words Are So Obscene.

But I Bet We See You Heavy Fucked. Skull Deep In A Washing Machine.

Don’t Mean To Alarm You Or Make You People Scared. 

But There Is A Crazy Woman In The Bath Somewhere In The Room Upstairs. 

You Ain’t No Genie In A Bottle. You Are A Filthy Euro Franko Breton Slut. 

Tanx For A Sample Of The Booty. Tanx A Bunch For The Nut. 

These Bitches Are Sub Saturn Mane These Bitches Sub Divine.

Well Beneath The Elementals. Weak On The Fundamentals.

We’re Gonna Turn Them Fuckin Sluts Into Some Bitches That Are Rentals.

Deeze Bitches Fuckin MONA. Deeze Bitches Ain’t No Ghost.

Which Means They Fuckin Curtains.

Which Means They Fuckin Toast.  

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