Romantic Poetry: A Bitch Named Nami

I Met This Bitch Named Nami The Bitch Was SO SO FUCKIN Brainless. I Took Her To A Motel And Fuckin Fucked Till It Was Brainless.

The Silly Yippun Bitch. Was All Dressed Up In Pink. Every Second Or Two You Could See The Silly Yip Bitch Blink. I Swear To Fuckin God If You Looked You Could See The Yip Bitch Think. 

The Time Late It Is Gettin – Our Peoples Laws We Are Setting. And I Bet All Of You Half Blood Yip Are Half Fuckin Yip Half Fuckin Breton. 

Your A Pack Of Fuckin Cretin And Here Is Me Just Bettin That All Your False Light Faggotry In Your Future You’ll Be Regrettin. 

Our Peoples Future We Will Forge. Throw The Yellow In A Gorge. Then It’s Time To Kick Off The Orge And Get On Our Lily George. 

These Filthy Fuckin Yips Are Fuckin Sick Up In The Head. We’re Going To Make Sure The Lions Share End Up Fuckin Dead. 

These Fuckin Yippun Stink. Like A Turkey On A Shink. They’re Fuckin Filthy Like A Nigger. Fuckin Filthy Like A Chink.

When I Say Filthy Like A Nigger. Don’t Get So Angry. I Just Mean Filthy Like A Nigger That Takes A Pay Cheque From Cadbury.

And Im Not Talking Bout The Nigger That You See On Your TV.  Im Talking Bout The Whole Nigger Cadbury Corporate Heir-Achy. 

These Niggers Fuckin Filthy Man They Think They Fuckin Slick. All Kind Of Filthy Shit Up In A Nigger Head Bout What A White Boy Doing With His Dick.

Having A Little Shag, Is Really Not A Sin. Shot A Massive Nut From Nami’s Box Onto To Her Chin. 

Got Down On My Knees. To Have A Little Taste Of The Cat. Man I Really Do Not Think That I Like The Taste of That. 

I Just Don’t Think That I Can Find The Words To Instruct You. The Only Thing Thats Dog Bout Me Is The Way That Im Gone Fuck You.  

Riding In Her Nissan Box, Number Plate 88. Booked A Room @ Pink Godzilla So I Don’t Have To Go Home Alone And Masturbate. 

Bitch Was Fairly Small Had A Body Like A Teen. Carried It Up The Stairs And Fucked For An Hour In Room Number 213.

Now These Yips Think They Is Flexin Makin The Issue More Complex Than…. 

The Simple Case Of A Single Gaijin And His Big Turgid Erection. 

But These Yips Will Never Tell You Is That Yippun Lands The Wrong Direction. 

You Can Travel For An Inspection. 

Get A Yip Bitch On Her Knees Do What Ever The Fuck You Please

Smash It Backwards With The Todge And Then Get The Fuck Up Out Of Dodge.

We Can See These Filth Yippuns Failings, Nuclear Plants And Commercial Whaling. And We Know That Fuji San Is Just An Old Yips Used Mine Tailings. 

These Yips Wanna Be Bougie. And They Think That They The Can School Me. But At The End Of Time You Don’t Want To Be Found Beneath Mount Fuji. 

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