Love Poem – A Bitch Named Bella.

I Met This Bitch Named Bella, Man That Bitch Was Fuckin Brainless.

I’ve Never Met A Bitch So Spastic But I Still Fucked Her In The Anus. 

The Silly Swedish Danish Bitch Flatly Refused To Smoke A Joint.

And In Every Single Photograph The Silly Bitch Would Fuckin Point.

Like She Thought That She Were Teaching Me.

But Nothin She Said Were Reaching Me.

The Filthy Bitch Sold Her Soul To Set.

How Could I Learn Shit From A Bitch Who Don’t Even Know The Alphabet.

She Act Like A Detective, Had A Lack Of The Perspective. 

And She Wear A Filthy Spirit Frown In The Photo Shoot She Pointed Brown.

But She Didn’t Get The Colour Right.

Because When I Finished Fucking That Little Swedish Danish Ass Was White. 

These Breton Swine Are Filthy Mane. They Didn’t Ever Reach The Light. 

Let’s Keep The Swine Where They Belong Beneath The Black And White.

The Bitch Is A Jimmy Fail She Wants To Preach On Drinking Ale.

But When You Say The Word Ale To Me. It Sounds Like Divine Base Energy.

Time To Give The Bitch The Snub. Don’t Wanna Join The Ton Ton Club.  

The Bitch Is Lowly Breton Blood Its Little Brain Is Weak.

It Went And Got A PHD In Base Divine Wrong Death Coon Speak. 

These Jew Pigs They Are Filthy Mane And They All Speak A Jew Pig Lie.

Ain’t No Way If You Fuck Your Woman’s Anus That You Ever Gonna Die.

And They Never Gonna Tell You That The Anus Is Connected To The Eye.

They Don’t Want You To Open That. 

But They Can Not Escape The Fact.

I Opened Mine At 33. After Smoking Hella Hella Tree.

And They Are Never Going To Close It Now.

And Im Still Driving At The Helm. 

Of All The Beings Who’ve Past Their Test And Made The Spirit Realm. 


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