Why Do The Saturn Cult Delete My Paranoid Android Photos

This Is Just A Short Explanation About About Why My Paranoid Android Devices Lose Photos.

In The Mummy Movie They Talk About The Veil Or Seeing What’s Behind The Veil Of Death. True Concept. Kind Of Like What I Illustrated In My Double Decker Bus Image.

So This Is Areas I Can’t Say Too Much On.

And Realistically. Every One Of Us Has Spirit Beings Working Around Us. Not Just Me. It’s Just Some Are Still Too Numb To See It.

Give You A Sense. Ive Got Different Stories / Explanations Coming. One In A Post About The Complexity Of Japanese Cursing.

Often The Response From The Creator Is Really Fast. And When I Say You Know If You Have An Authentic Spiritual Experience. Imagine Going To The Shops. Buying Something. Not Communicating To Anyone. Then Getting An Etheric Response From The Creator Within 15 Minutes. Like, How The Fuck Did You organise That?

But Like One Experience.

Im in This Restaurant. It’s Not Uncommon For Me To Be Surrounded By Mason Cult Faggots Marked Up As Watchers. But This Experience. It’s Almost Like The Beings Floated Or Slid Into The Room. Sat Directly Opposite Me. Won’t Tell You The Topic. But They Were All Dressed Up To Basically Confirm Something I Had Published, I Was On The Right Track. That Was Thailand.

I Photographed Them Dead On. Photos Saturned By The Paranoid Android.

Come Phillipines. I Explained To Mum And Dad Some Of The Shit That Went Down. Because They Panicked And Said I Was Flipping My Shit Out. I Said To Them, If The Same Shit Happened To You You Would Flip Out As Well. 

I Knew At The Time A Lot Of The Shit I Was Witnessing Was Kind Of Sublime.

But It Wasn’t Until I Got Home And Had Time To Process All That Happened. Truth. A Bunch Of Chinks, And Yips And New Savillian Monkey Niggers. Connected With Mobile Phones And What Not. Can Organise A Lot And Cause Chaos And Turmoil In Nations They Are Present In.

But Some Of The Stuff. I Don’t Believe Can Be Coordinated By Human Forces Alone. I Said To Mum, Because She Would Understand. She Has A Real Interesting Occult Past. Some Real Heavy Family Stories. I Said Mum, Some Of The Shit That Went Down. Not Normal Shit. Paranormal Shit.

And That’s Why The Cults Saturned My Photos On 2 x Mobile Phones. Because They Don’t Want People To See What’s Coming Down The Spirit Piper. They Want To Control It With Force.

So Be Cautious About Your Android Devices. They Will Only Let You Photograph So Much.

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