Soccer Girls Blocking The Light.

Whas Up Wit Dat Biches?

Just Sharing This Image.

I Told You The Light From The Girls Soccer Was Really Strange.

Funnily Enough I Said To Dad, You Are Watching Girls Soccer? What The Fuck?

But You Can See In This Image. The Occult Message Is They Are Blocking Out The Infinite Light.

They Don’t Want The Next Generations Light Downloads Coming Through.

Thats The Name Of The Game. First You Have To Make Your Own Being Strong Enough, Awakened Enough To Receive The Light. Then You Have To Prepare Yourself To Channel It Out.

Thats Really What They Are Trying To Block Through The Internet, Television And Their Violent Threatening Conduct. The Einsoph.

Light Of The Future Being Brought Down To Humanity. Really Dubious Intent.  

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