Land Behind The Steel.

Wanted To Just Show You These Photos.

Tell You A Somewhat Related Story.

Years Ago I Hung Out On A Beach Called Tonsai For A Few Months.

Partied. Climbed.

A Few Years Later. I Went Back And Was With My Brother. To Show Him The Place.

The Whole Thing. Was Behind Barbed Wire?

Probably Because After We Partied. The Evil Elements Spread A Bunch of Bile About Us. I Mean The Said The Place Was Bought By Japanese. But I Doubt It. Didn’t Get A Chance To Visit There This Time But Passed Through A Beach Nearby.

Anyways. Below Are Photos Of A Spot I Walk To The Beach Here In QLD.

A Huge Piece Of Land. On Two Sides Of The Highway.

All Behind Steel.

They Must Have Acquired A Bunch Of Residential Blocks On Both Sides Of The Highway.

The Good News Is. They Shut Down A BP Servo.

Who Knows What They Build There. Is It Going To Be A Monstrosity?

If You See The Logo Of The Construction Company. It’s Like A Big Blue Square E. Almost Reading Like Energy Curse. So It May Be A Monstrosity.

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