Fake Gay Kangaroos

These Are Two Stories That Awoke Me To Fake Gay Kangaroos.

The Thing Is. Like I Say About Eternal Life. About 30 Minutes Of Bible / Alchemy Study Introduce You To The Concept. So Why Find It So Hard To Grasp?

Well The Very First Thing You Are Supposed To Acknowledge In Masonry Is That You Believe In A Creating Force.

But What Exactly Can This Force Create?

Here Are My Two Fake Gay Kangaroo Stories.

1. Before I Went Overseas There Was A Sick Roo In The Backyard. I Took A Photo Of It. It Hung Around For A Few Days. And Then Parents Called Australia Zoo. Apparently It Had A Foot Infection. Maybe Hit By A Car. Anyways I Said To Pops, Don’t Call Those People. They Are A Bunch Of Trannies. They Probably Sell Roo Skin In Their Gift Shop. Dad Got Really Angry, Who Fuckin Knows Why. Maybe He Feels Like He Needs To Suck Australia Zoos Dick For Some Reason. But I Know The Occult Decode Of Zoo. Australia Zoo Is A Dodgey Organisation And It’s An Occult Concept. It’s Us They Keep in Australia Zoo. Anyway I Didn’t Have Anything To Do With Them While Here. And I Didn’t Really Say Anything After The Event. I Think They Expected Me To Make A Big Deal of The Dead Roo.

2. About A Week Ago. I Was In The Garden. Kind Of Walking Past The Driveway. And This Roo. A Fairly Big Male. Starts Running Toward Me. And All Of A Sudden. Goes Arse Over On The Driveway. Stacks It. And Then Picks Itself Up. Jumps Off And Hops Off In The Other Direction. I Kind Of Went To Myself. No Way That Was Real. It Just Had The Strangest Feel. Almost As Though It Was Scripted.

So We Are Told To Believe In The Creator. There Is Obviously A Force That Is Powerful Enough To Create Beasts.

The Main Way That You Could Differentiate Between A Saturn Beast Like A Roo Or An Otter. Is That They Unlike Humans Don’t Have A Holy Spirit.

It’s Obviously A Creation That Is Masoncially Managed On The Lands. It’s Breeding And Presence. And It’s Here As Part Of Separation Magic. To Consciously Seperate Land Masses And Cultures.  Some People Speculate That Koalas Are Animatronics. But The Creating Force Can Produce Bio Beasts. And Sometimes When Im Near A Big Male. Who Kind Of Get So Close To Me I Can Be With In 3 – 5 Ft Of Them. Sometimes I Feel Like They Are Actually Controlled By A Conscious Spirit Force. Strange Concept. Like Some Force Can Direct Where They Go And Their Actions.

Anyways, As We Ascend Higher In The Light Realms. We Should Be Able To See And Feel These Things. Our Being Is More Connected To Spirit. The Weight Of Saturn Beasts Is Beneath Us. We Are Now Attached To The High Elemental Ether.

Im Still Not A Huge Fan Of Shooting Them. Obviously Their Presence And Numbers Need To Be Controlled But I Don’t Really Support Roo Pet Food And Human Consumption. 

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