Race Decode: Scotland

If You Decode Just The Word Scot

You Get
Pharaonic Eye Divine Saturn Transmutation

I Showed You My Family Who Are In An Incorrect Physical Death Cult.

So It Seems That Scotland Is Like Other Regions – An Imposition Of Peoples Designed To Kill Divinity. 

Just Like The Thais.

It’s Interesting In My Family Home Also There Are Occult Messages To Look Back On Scotland. As Being The Past.

If You Decode Scottish You Get:

Pharaonic Eye Divine Saturn Double Transmutation Eye Pharaoh Defence. 

Again A Force To Suppress The Divine Eye. 

That’s What They Feel Like. Ive Told You All The Scots I Met In England Were Miserable Pale Twats.

They Run Around Doing Their Funny Masonic Handshake Business.

But Just Like I Said Of The Japanese.

The Scots They Will Never Tell You Who They Answer To. 

They Will Never Tell You What Force Sustains Them.

It’s. A Dark Force That Aims To Kill Our Basic Human Consciousness. Suppress What The Creator Puts In Our Spines.

Obviously With Those Lands, It’s About Looking Toward Older Histories To Identify Peoples Or Cultures Who May Have Historically Been Able To Defeat That Force.

Sometimes It’s Hard To Determine If The Subtleties Of The Letters Refer To Defence Of Or Defence Against Pharaonic Eye. Like I Have Said Of Other Races. I Have Tried To Be Patient With Scottish. But As We Look Down On Them. It’s Also A Sick Spirit That Occupies Those Lands. Just Like Media. If You Keep Watching Garbage Media And Complaining About It. You Saturn Yourself. If We Look Down At Nations. And Don’t Like What We See. We Really Need To Get To The Deep Occult Terms Of The Purpose Of The Nation Name.

Scotland Like Many Other Nations. Seems To Be A Transmutation Defence Against The Pharaoh Eye And Thats Where Their People Get Their Payola From. This Is How I See It.

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