Race Decode: Russia

So This Is A Slightly Harder Decode.

Again Reference This Picture Where You Can See. They Are Beneath The Russian. It’s Really Not A Thing Being Russian.

To Me Their Scripts Just Looks Like A Inverted Satanic Cypher. Their Babble Is Probably Inverted Phonetic Cursing Like Fagalog Is. 

I’ll Give A Read On Russia, Not The Whole Simple Read But Again The Utility Read About What This Letter Combo Might Mean As Far As The Utility Of The Nation.  

So What The Utility Read As Far As Just Looking At The Letters Goes Is. I Would Say Russia Should Pertain To The Energisation Of The Pharaonic Eye.

But Why Is It Not So? Why Does It Not Feel That Way.

What Russia Feels Like. To An Awakened Man. To An Awakened Soul. Is A Bunch Of Nasty Spirited Little Russian Jew Whores Casting A Curse Over Humanity.

The Problem With That Is. We Have Broken Our Being Out Of Much More Complex Much More Ancient Curses.

A Flimsy Media Hex From Low Spirited Russian Jew Whores And American Jew Whores. Is Not That Compelling, Not That Convincing. And Is Almost As Easy To Defeat As Turning It Off.

So The Letters Speak Of Energising The Pharaoh Eye, But It Surely Does Not Feel Like This Is What’s Coming From Those People?


Meditated on This For About 2 Days.

First Thing I Noticed Is The Finishing Letter In Russia Is A. So It’s A Divine Creation. Every Juice Wine’s Sewer Pipe Creation in Divine Remember?

But If You Look At The Numerology. This What Those Letters Look Like.

18 21 19 19 9 1

Numbers Without Spacing

If You Look At Just The Number Relating To The Word Asia.


You Will Notice That Asia Starts With The Double 1.

So It’s Like Saying A Gateway To The Ascension Of 1.

Again, We Read Asia As Divine Pharaonic Eye Eye Divine.

It’s A Very Slight Subtlety. And I Have Other Conceptions About The Occult Meaning Of The 11 That Asia Begins With That I Won’t Discuss Here.

But Looking At The Numbers Pertaining To Russia, You Can See That It All Looks Like Initiating Or Challenging Both Infinity And Ascension. That’s How The Numbers Stack Up.

And That Is More Of What The Spirit That Comes Out Of Russia Looks Like. And Feels Like. A Force That Challenges Or Subdues Good Spirit.

It’s A Suppressive 666 Force. It’s Poor Spirit. It’s Low Consciousness. It’s Another Archontic Jew Saturn Cult Consciousness Cockroach. Its The Home Of The ROC.

That’s Why They Pump Bad Spirit Bile Down Our Television Screens. That’s Why They Use Phoney Synthetic AI To Try And Manipulate Minds On The Internet. 

I Tried To Be Graceful With Russians Because I Have Travelled There Historically. However Their Intentions For Our Lands And Our People Are Far From Graceful.

Russia Failed In Their End Of Time Judgement With Our Peoples High Spiritual Orders And Is Now A Lands Who’s People, Industries And Technologies We Will Try And Seperate From Our Own.

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