Race Decode: Nation

This Is An Interesting Decode

Nation Reads: South Divine Transmutation Eye Saturn South.

Fairly Shithouse Hey As Far As Reads Go.

I Do Have The Tendency To Say ‘Our Nations’ In My Own Political Writing. 

So I Need To Find Better Words And Concepts To Work With.

Notice It Contains Almost 2 Of Our Phonetic Curse Keys.


And Ton – Ton WIth An Eye(I) In The Middle.

So It’s And Unholy Purging Transmutation. The Notion Of National Consciousness Which We Have Stated In Other Writing – The Conception Of Culture Of Most Nations Is A Magical Occult Fabrication That We Are Expected To Ascend Beyond.

It’s Better Looking At It Through Concepts That We For Example Describe As The Flesh Wall. Visualising Humanity Through A Different Lens Than Nations And Flags.   

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