Race Decode: Muslim Mosque

This Is The Decode I Wanted To Mention To Support My End Of Times Judgement For Muslims On Foreign Policy TV.

Generally I Don’t Have An Issue With Muslims. I Have Lived Among Them And Generally They Don’t Cause The Biggest Problems.

But I Think Like All Races, I Have Said. I Have Tried With Graceful Relations First. Generally Most Races Are On Some Other Shit. It’s A Different Force They Support. It’s A Different Outcome They Seek To Attain. This Is True Of My Work Relating To Negroes, Russians, Chinese, A Long List. It Seems Like Most Beings Are Briefed And Paid To Uphold An Ancient Curse And Thats How They Profit.

So Remaining Friendly With Muslims. And Sweeping The Reality Of What They Are Under The Rug. Probably A Mistake.

There Is A Force In Our Nations That Undertakes A Plethora Of Staged Falsified Masonic Events And Conceals Things Under Fake Muslim Names. I Can’t Help But Feel Like Muslims In Large Part Operate This Force. I Find Their Media Communications A Persisting Brain Rape To The Point I No Longer Attempt To View Or Decode Them.

With This Decode I’m Just Going To Cover The Word Mosque And Then Some Background On What I Think It Means.

Mosque: Divine Compassion Saturn Pharaonic Eye Break In The Office Of Birth  Of Energy.

As Far As Decodes Go. The Read. Is Fairly Well Fuckin Horrible. 

They Really Seem To Be Places Of Saturning Goodness And Blocking Divine Consciousness.

It’s Very Much What I Have Said Of The Historical Masonic Lodge System. That It Will Have Been Used As Networks For The Noetic Management of Consciousness Projection Across State And National Boundaries. It’s Like Lodges Were Consciousness Sinks And All Senior Men Like Judges And Media Barons Would Answer To Their Lodge.

Well The Mosque. Seems To Be Like The Distribution And Management Of A Force Specifically Designed To Pollute, Subdue And Suppress Divine Consciousness.

We Speculate That Christian Churches Have Some Role In Energetic Influence Of The Realm.

It Seems Like Mosques Are Hubs Designed To Play A Role In The Consciousness Suppression Of The Realm. And Are Therefore Directly A Part Of The Suppressive Curse That Is Cast Over Earth And Humanity.

This Being The Case. It Seems Completely Unviable To Permit The Muslim Consciousness To Spread In Our Nations And We Need To Educate Our People Away From The Support Of Formal Organised Muslim Religions. We Need To Prevent The Construction Of Mosques In Our Lands. And We Need To Restrain Or Curtail Muslims Travel In Our Lands. And Ultimately Promote The Teaching Of Christianity Before Tolerating Broad Acceptance Of A Religion That Seems Intended To Restrain Pharaonic Consciousness.

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