Race Decode: Japan

This Is The First Time We Have Published A Decode On Japan And The Japanese People.

The Japanese Are A Yellow Race. Its Corruption Of Humanity Breeding. And Although They Will Put Forward The Case That They Are Human All The Same. They Don’t Conduct Themselves As Respectable Humans Should.

The Word Japan Is A Simple Decode.

Saturn Divine Saturn Divine South

There Is A Bunch Of Saturn In There.

If You Look At Nippon:
South Eye Saturn Saturn Saturn South
Again It’s A Mega South Eye Shit Pipe.

It’s Easy To Draw Conclusions From Those Two Names For Japan, But I Think A More Telling Decode Comes From The Word Gaijin (外人).

With This Decode, We Decode Just The First Part Of The Word Gai. And Not Jin. Jin Is Just A Word For Person.

So The Word Japanese Use For Foreign Person. Outsider. Gaijin. Decodes To.

Gnosis Divine Eye.

So Our Interaction With The Japanese. Like I Have Said Of All The Yellow Races. Ideally We Partner With Them.

During Our Generations The Japanese Have Been So Treacherous. That Our Focus Will Be Curtailing Their Business Activities. And Punishing Them Pushing Many Millions Of Them To Early Literal Physical Deaths.

Our Experience With The Japanese Is They Are Meant To Learn From Our Divinity. They Are Meant To Interact With The Divine Bloodlines Gracefully. Instead They Position Themselves As A Murderous Force In Our Lands. Japanese Corporate Activity Will Be Heavily Curtailed From Our Lands During The Coming Generation And We Will Partner With Other Races Who Understand Their Place And Practice Correctly.

These Aspects Of Japanese Peoples Relations With Our People And Divinity Itself. They Won’t Speak Of. Ever. They Won’t Speak Of Who They Answer To And Who They Worship. Because Most Likely. It’s A Dark Force Specifically Bread And Focused On Suppressing Divinity.

We Will Install Caucasian Only Cities In Japan. And Operate English Speaking Governance Bodies. We Will Also Teach Our Children Extreme Warning Before Travelling There And Ultimately Describe Japan As A Wrong Direction Ruse.

Instead Of Engaging In A Gnostic Experience With Divinity The Japanese Have Attempted To Murder It.

The Consequences For Them And Their Children Will Be Beyond Their Comprehension.

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