Race Decode: India

I Think This Is A Fairly Simple Decode.

The Read On India Is

Eye South Doorway Eye Divine

Sometimes, I Read Letter Combos Like IN

As Eye South, Meaning The Southerly Flesh Aspect Of The 3rd Eye.

Or Maybe An Energising Channel To The 3rd Eye.

I Don’t Really Get The Impression That Thats What It Means In This Sense.

I Get The Impression It Means You Can’t See – So You Go To India.

Ultimately It Seems To Me Like India Reads As A Dead Eye Curse.

So As A Race, Similar To Thais. They Are Use As Flesh Wall To Block Out Divinity.

Generally Feels Like The Mason Cults. Who For Example.

Use Dogs As A Harassment Tool.

Breed Women Into Curse Whores.

Always Place Men Named Tony.

They Have Patterns.

It’s Also Worth Noting, The A At The End Is A Similar Pattern That We See In Many Country / Race Names.

They Also Use Indians To Play Their Part As The Decode Would Suggest.

The Indians Themselves Seem Happy To Play Their Part And Seldom Seem To Aspire To Conduct Themselves In A Divine Dignified Manner. But Instead Follow Cult Orders. 

Fairly Simple Decode.

Thats My General Impression. Im Going To Decode Of Bangladesh Soon Also.

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