Race Decode: Flag

This Is A Fairly Simple Decode

We Would Read It As

“Corrupt Energy Base Divine Gnosis”

So The Two Critical Aspects Are




LA – Being One Of Our Phonetic Curse Keys. (Base Divinity)

So It’s Ultimately A Low Form Of Communication.

There Is Different Geometric Meaning In Most Flags. 

Despite It’s Lowness. I Generally Don’t Think It’s An Issue To Be Communicating Things Like End Times Judgements Using Flags. 

As We Have Demonstrated, Many National Cultures Are Magical Invocations Often Attempts To Wall In Our Thinking.

Over Time We Will Establish Language Patterns And Symbolic Communications To Communicate To Humanity Beyond National Consciousness. Unfortunately At This Stage, Still Many Of The Rudimentary Political Issues That We Have To Deal With Centre Around Particular Nations Or Cultures. Making Use Of Flags Somewhat Practical.  

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