Race Decode: Canada

Just Going To Bang This One Out Quickly.

Generally Speaking. Canadians Seem To Be Raised in A Similar Way That We Were Raised. Kind Of Open Minded And Easy Going.

For Years I Have Followed A Dude, Who Kind Of Talks About Establishing A New Nation In Canada, Because Canada Is False.

Its Fairly Easy To Both Sense And Decode, That Australia Is False. Its Doesn’t Take A Bunch Of Historical Study To See Through The Bullshit.

Im Certain The Narrative Of Canada Is The Same.

So I Don’t Really Follow Canadian News. But It’s Just Interesting To Run A Decode And See What You Are Dealing With.

A Simple Read On Canada Would Be:
Divine Divine South Divine Doorway Divine

So It Really Reads Like A Shit Pipe.

Notice It Contains One Of Our Phonetic Curse Keys? Na?

So The High Spirit Orders. See That a Canada Is Some Type Of Phonetic Curse Uttering. What Is It Invoking. A Death Door By The Sounds Of Things. 

That’s All That You Really Need To Know.

And For Canadians The Answer Is To Be Of A Strength Of Consciousness To Be Able To Find Something Else That The Lands Are Described As. 

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