Decoding Europe And The European Union

When We As People From Australia Say Europe, We Don’t Really Think About It As We Say It. We Almost Say It With A Poshness. I’m European. Without The Knowledge Of Growing There, We Don’t Really Know Its True Nature. But Now As A Grown Man. When I Look To European Places I Aspire To Visit, It’s A Rapidly Dwindling List. Why Travel To A Place That Emits Bad Spirit?

How Does Europe Read?

The First Thing To Notice, The Whole Thing is Wrapped In A EE Gate.

Even Though I Still Don’t Completely Understand The EE. It’s Always A Saturn Gate. It’s Bad To Be Standing Between A Pair Of EEs.

Let’s Read It Without The EE.

UROP = Birth Saturn Energisation Saturn Saturn.

Its Fairly Horrible.

And With The E’s.

Energy Birth Saturn Energisation Saturn Saturn Energy.

Again Horrible.

Union = Birth South Eye Saturn South.


Europe Is A Saturn Holding Zone For Bad Spirited Beings With A Dead Eye. We Have Also Documented Some Nations Seem To Breeding Zones For Inverts.

What You Will Find Is That The Beings Working Hexes Against In Our Lands. Are Probably Beings Who Are Trying To Escape Their Holding Zone And Claim New Lands. You Will Probably Find That It Won’t Work For Them Because Their Hexes Are Falsifications Which Won’t Stick To Spirit.

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