Decoding Adolf Hitler, The Nazi’s And The Swastika

Being Realistic. 

Word War 2 And The Nazis Have Never Been A Part Of History Hugely Interesting To Me.

With The Hitler Narrative Though, I Just Find A Man Warning You About Evil Jews And Banksters Is A More Compelling Leader Than Others. And I Find All The Fear Mongering And Peoples Repulsion About Hitler Retarded.

When It Comes To Finding The Truth About These Events. I Don’t Think It’s Hitler They Are Worried About You Discovering.

I Don’t Think Hitler Is The Big Story. Like Most Other Political Characters He Would Have Been A Low Masonic Figure.

But With These Decodes You Can Uncover Some Deeper Senses Of What The Story Is About.

Funnily Enough – When I Started Travelling – Posting This Post, Is When The Energy Really Started Coming Back And People Were Worried About What I Was Saying.

The Only Real Controversial Thing Is Making The Basic Observation That The Political Party Who Were Supposedly Murdering The Jews Contains The Same Words As The Main Jewish Group In That Part Of Europe. Meaning We Are Obviously Seriously Lied To About The Story. 

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Decodes As: Divine Door Saturn Base Corrupt Energy

Hitler Decodes As: Defence Eye Transmutation Base Energy Saturn Energisation. 

I Don’t Have A Strong Conclusion About The Name, Maybe There Are Other Angles Such As Etymology Etc, But In Some Respects I Would See Hitler As A Low Force Maybe Utilised To Energise Wake Up And Seperate People.  

Nazi Decodes As: South Divine 33 Eye.
Thats Our Read On It Anyway, We Don’t Claim Our Reads Are Perfect Yet But I Think We Are Pretty Close. 

So It’s Really Being Initiated Into The Mysteries Of An Unholy Eye. Fairly Big Revelation. Understanding What The Nazi Party Really Meant. But A Bigger Revelation Is Understanding What The Jewish Tribes Of Europe Are. 

Na Is One Of Our Phonetic Curse Keys.

AshkeNazi Reads:
Divine Pharaonic Eye Defence Gateway Energy South Divine 33 Eye.

So The Ashkenazi, Are For One Unholy Blood But Their Role Is Defending Away From The Pharaonic Eye. So Thats Why They Run All Around The World Trying To Kill People Or Get Them To Comply With Idiocy. It’s A Very Similar Role To Indians.

Swastika Decodes As – Pharaonic Eye Divine Pharaonic Eye Transmutation Eye Gateway Divine.

Wow. Really Really Nice Read. Like I Said About Hitler, The Sensibility And Bullshit Around It Makes Me Want To Puke. I Don’t Think Its About Worshiping Hitler. And Obviously The Read With Nazi, That’s The Wrong Thing To Worship As Well.

But With The Swastika, You Will Notice I Use It In Relation To Places Like Malaysia, Siam Other Races And Cultures.

And My Feeling Is. It’s Not About Being Bad Spirited In Its Use. I Would Ask Though. What Force Do You Invoke When You Use It? What Force Looks Down And Says – Yes That Symbol Is Important. What Energy Can You Generate By Using It?

Again, Super Nice Read And Seems To Be Conducive To Eye Opening And Energisation. 


Arbeit macht frei
Just Decoding The First Word Of This Slogan That Was On German Prisons Of The Time – Arbeit. Which In Japanese Means Part Time Job. In German I Think It Means Work.

But Arbeit Decodes As: Divine Saturn Energisation Divine Physical Death Energy Eye Transmutation.

It’s A Really Nice Sounding Transmutation And An Energisation Of Your Divine Physical Death. So In Some Respects It’s True. And As A Being I Appreciate Working. Maybe Why I’ve Been Able To Trigger The Start Of My Divine Death And Ascension. 

Anyways Thats Decoding The Nazis, Hitler And The Swastika.

Biggest Revelation Being Nazi Is Really Unholy. And The Nazi Party Was Probably A Draw For All The People With An Unholy Eye. Maybe At That Time You Would Have To Have Been Stupid To Invest Your Energy In Them, Just The Same As You Would Have To Be Stupid To Invest Your Energy in Todays Politicians. And Also, Large Revelation – The Nature Of Ashkenazi Which In Our Society Today Operate As An All Pervasive Curse On Humanity All Across The Lands.

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