Black Chequered Von Dutch – Some Detail About The Dutch And The Netherlands

I Won’t Do A Race Decode Here.

But I Have Said In Other Places.

In The English Language, Dutch Seems To Be A Joke About Being Average.

I Didn’t Really Know That From Hearing It Being Used That Way In English, But Picked It Up Somewhere.

And Netherlands, Nowhere Lands. Etymology Is Low Lands. Sounds Like Nowhere Lands And People Use It That Way.

So It’s A Holding Zone. And Nowhere Lands Sound A Lot Like Canada. Which To Me Sounds Like There is A Force Saying “Divine Nothing”.

Anyways. In This Post I Just Wanted To Share A Piece Of Information.

Dutch Women. At Least All The Photos I Have And See Of Them.

Seem To Be Inverted. Skeletally Inverted.

It Almost Seems To Be Without Fail. So Just Like Israel And Other Places We Have Decoded.

Holland, Netherlands Etc. Seems To Be A Bad Blood Holding Nation.

I Don’t Think There Is Much Else To Say.

Dutch Women = Saturn Cult Inverts. 

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