Punishments: Google


Starting this post again with the point that im really sick or writing these posts.

It seems like our lives are spent almost entirely telling the jew swine cult to cease feeding on our blood. And just as you pull back one deception they ease it up but still leave everything else in place.

Anyway this grievance is about another dimension of cursing the Jew Pig Cult and or their Black and Yellow Mates are raping us with.


In That post, I outline our issues with the number 10 and the deeper meaning of the 0. Im not going to elaborate but It looks to me like they abuse this number the same way they abuse other letters with intention.

What they are doing is, is casting down shitty flase light and trapping people in like dodgy time divisions. It a really sinister and expected coming from what we’ve seen from Gooogle thus far.

Senior management that work at Google. If you value the scantity of your little blue behinds. I suggest you work on this concern and make sure our childeren are not being abused by your broadcasting.  If you rectifiy it I will broaden the recommendation to be included in other sites and networks.

We are losing patince and If the quality of works that come out of team Blue Black & Yellow does not improve we will become more agressive with punishments.


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