Punishment: Faggots That Blindly Hate Transsexuals Can Be Punished.

You might at times ask based on our historic work, what is the true feeling in our heart?

Do we really deep down hate black people?

Do we really deep down dislike asians but placate and entertain them for politics and personal gain?

Do we Really want to see Gay Men Violently punished?

Anyone that has really studied our work should know these answers.

But I’ll share a truth about what we really hate above everything else.

We people, DESPISE Ignorance. Thats what we hate over and above anything else so regardless of your colour, race, gender, or sexual preference if you demonstrate that you dwell in ignorance and use force to impose your ignorance on others you will inevitably find yourself in a hard space.

So thats what we really hate. Ignorant thought. Ignorant Action. Ignorant Violence. Really Imposed against Anyone By anyone.

The Gay / Trans Community Is A Lot like the Muslim Community to us. They are our friends, but we are also responsible for teaching them, supporting them when needed and making any corrections if they conduct themselves inappropriately.

As far as I am Concerned, Faggots that Conduct themselves with inappropriate force or the spirit of forced curtailment and constraint against members of their own community can be punished.

Before taking any action on these thoughts, please review our work on this topic comprehensively because we have taught in so much depth that we are literally handing out mathematical equations so people can figure this stuff out.

I’ll finish with a story. I saw an Interview With Michael Stipe from REM. It seems to me like he was at the very least speaking in ignorance on the topic of Aids. So He is meant to be a leader of his community, when I saw him speak I just though to myself “Mate You are Fucking Your Own People Deep In The Arse With Your Ignorance.”

Lead Your Own People. Teach Your Own People. Don’t Curtail And Punish In Ignorance. And In The Long Run you will
have a better resonance with us.


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