Philippines Torture Details

Want To Write This Out Quickly. Not Going To Detail The Whole Story.

I Get A Lot More Out And Kind Of Seperate The Good From Bad In Making Pictures.

If You Write A Sob Story, The Yellow / Nigger / Jew Pig American Faggot Cults Get Dick Hard.

This Is Just A Summary Of The Nature Of The Torture They Practiced. Once I Have Published It I Will Use It To Authorise Particular Foreign Nations Begin Facing Reflection Punishments.

Saturning Of Base – Destruction Of A Beings Physical Strength.

This Is Not Easy To Understand. If You Look At The Japanese SaSa Curse, Where They For Example Mock How Much You Eat. We Are Not Stupid. We Want To Raise Big Strong Men. Because There Is So Much Bad Energy In The Cell. I Practiced Fasting. Purification. Generally The Men Didn’t Share The Food. The Local Guys Could Always Sit, Ate 3 – 4 Meals A Day. But I Stopped Being Able To Eat Plain Rice. I Didn’t Shit For 12 Days. They Were Practicing Destruction Of Physical Strength. So They Tried To Basically Lock Me Up And Poison Me For A Month.

– They Subjected Me To A Forced X-Ray. In Handcuffs. Which Is Forced Energetic Extraction.

The Prison Food Was Designed To Go Right Through You. Make You Emancipated. Particularly In BJMP. The Water Was Toxic. I Made The Habit Of Getting Water From A Cooler And Asked Mum To Call Me Twice A Day So That I Could Fill My Water. A Point Came, Where The Inmates Blocked Me From Filling My Water. We Joked In The Cell. Pure Water Or Criminal Water. But They Really Wanted To Poison Me For A Month. The Water Was Toxic In CIDU And BJMP.  

Incorrect Physical Death
You Have Understand This The Occultism They All Practice. Violently Forcing You Toward The Wrong Death. You Saw The Monkey Nigger With The Bulls Jersey Dog On The Leash. It Doesn’t Work. It’s Sick Transgressing Occultism. If You Have Followed The Media. They Will Be Buried Before They Prevent Us Practicing What We Teach.

On My Last Divine Decodes Post Before Being Arrested I Made A Joke About Spinal Compression. So In The Cell They Practiced Sleep Deprivation. Some Nights It Was 22 Hours Standing. To 2 Hours Resting. They Gaslighted Me And Like For Example Said “Ill Give You A Seat If You Give Me A Massage.” I Told Them Quite Politely That We’d Slit Their Throats And Blood Rape Their Daughters Before Massaging Them. At That Point They Generally Gave Me A Seat After Standing All Day And Night. 

Just To Make It Clear. They Try To Corrupt Your Chakra System Or Energetic System To Bring About A Incorrect Spiral Death. By Practicing Torturous Protracted Spinal Compression. A Purple Spiral Death. Doesn’t Work. Cult Faggot Shit. As A Consequence. During The Purges. Many American, Chinese And Filipino Men Will Be Subjected To Violent Torture. And Flesh Punishment To Bring About Their Literal Physical Death And Purging From The Realm.

Elemental Compression
The Brown Races Essentially Use Their Physical Being To Constrain And Compress Me. With 30+ Men To A Small Cell. The Narrative That There Was No Space In Their Jail System Is A Complete Lie. But In Many Of The Scenarios In The Cell. They Exacerbated The Practice Of Using Their Physical Being To Compress Mine. Again The Blue Races Do This Because They Run Pickel Factories. Monster Conveyor Belts. Many of The Leaders In The Cell Were Skeletal Inverts.

Physical Trauma
They Practiced Traumatising Existing Wounds. So Some Nights As We Slept On A Crowded Floor. They Stepped On My Wounded Foot 30 – 40 Times. Compressing A Bruised Foot. On A Night When The Priest Told Them, We Should All Practice Harmonious Relations. The Abuse Got Worse. It’s Not A Nation Of Human Beings. It’s A Nation Of Head Sick Blue Demons. Due To Their Practice Of Flesh Abuse, Many Men From The Nigger Cults, The American Jew Pig Cults And The Tranny Invert Cults Will Be Subjected To Reflection Violent Flesh Punishments As They Are Pushed Into Their Literal Physical Death After Having Failed Their Judgements In Gods Kingdom. 

Generally The Marking On Things Like Official Clocks, Police Cars Etc Etc. Read Infinite Suppression And Infinite Abuse.

It’s What They Practice In America And The Philippines. It’s A Disgusting Blue Cult Nest.

One Night They Dropped Me In The Middle Of Nowhere And Left Me With A Infinite Abuse Code. Telling Me Thats What They Practice.

On The Night They Arrested Me In Manilla They Had Me In Hand Cuffs For 5 Hours And Wouldn’t Loosen Them. They Took Me To A Hospital To Try And Abuse Me There. Someone Intervened. They Drove Off When I Was Standing On A Car Forcing Me To Crush My Ankle. Of Course On Purpose.

At One Point A Prison Guard Said If I Didn’t “Submit” To The Filipino Judge He Would Poke My Eyes Out.  I Never Submitted.

They Struck Me In The Skull Twice. Once While In Handcuffs Behind The Back. And Once While I Was Sitting Down Trapped Behind Like 20 Men. No Ability To Do Anything. A La ……Spineless Blue Faggot Shit. Not Once When I Said To Them, You Want To Punch Me, Bring It. Never Did They Try. Only When Cuffed And Constrained. Blue. Faggot. Shit.

When Eye Brief You On The Treatment Of Filipino Men As They Travel In Our Lands. It Won’t Be To Strike Them When They Are Cuffed. It Will Be Different.   

Realistically What The Filipinos Did, Is Stick Me In Their Own Shit Pipe. Even In Manila The Codes On Like The Child Protection Agencies Read To Me, Saturn Purge Shit Pipe. I Think Our People Know Well Who These People Are. And Very Few Of Them Make The Standard For Our Society.

Now That This Is Complete. I Will Soon Publish The USA End Times Judgement. I Have Already Published China. I Will Be Authorising Reciprocal Flesh Punishments Against Han Chinese. American And Filipino Beings. I Will Be Authorising That During The Purges The Men That Orchestrated That Event Face Reflection Flesh Torture.

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