High Court Releases Punishment Detail For Breton Families Implicated In Deep Cursing.

Breton Women Both Black And White Are Forbidden From Birthing Children On Our Lands.

Men And Women From The Breton Ashkanazi Family That Reside at 35 Barleycorn Ave QLD Australia Are Blood For The Harvest.

They Are To Be Tied To Trees And Blood To Their Teeth With Blunt Objects. Let Their Blood Run into The Soil to Prepare For The New Crop.

All Infants Of Franco Breton Ashkenazi Families Are Blood For The Purge.

Remove Babies From Their Cots. Slice Their Throats Across With A Box Cutter. Purge Their Blood Into The Soil To Prepare For The New Crop.

Danish Franco Breton Germano Ashkenaz Sluts Are Never To Be Fucked For The Birthing Of Children.

They Are All Blood Punishment Extraction Vessels That Will Be Used To Extract Sufficient Energy To Allow For For The Purging Of A Curse From This Terrestrial Plane.

Danish Franco Breton Germano Ashkenaz Sluts That Appear To Be Fucking For The Purpose Of Reproduction Are To Be Purged. They Are To Be Bound Teeth To Stone. Stuff Their Mouth Elemental Fetus Purging Compression Chemicals And Purge Their Offspring Into The Soil.

In A Strange Conclusion With This Punishment Order. As They Say. All Fair In Love And War. So For Niggers Who We Have Had Plenty of Friction With Ourselves. It’s Entirely Fair Play For Such Niggers To Say “Hey, Take A Closer Look At Yourself.” Thats The Harmonious Communication We Have Been Trying to Basically Force You To Practice And Its Nice To See The Niggers Doing A Better Job Of It.

This Punishment Phase Can Be Completed When The Perpetuators Of All Cursing Activity Make The Appropriate Atonements And Rectifications For Their Conduct.

Ani DiFranco Daughters. Are Get Down On Your Knees And Pray For My Survival Daughters.

Time Stamp Is – Blood 4 Blood.


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