Who Practiced Abuse Against Us In The Philippines.

So I Was In Jail For A Month Basically Because A Woman Claimed I Verbally Abused Her.

This Woman Was Acting On Behalf Of Dutch Interests. Thats Really Critical To Know, She Was Running Around Serving Someone Instructing Her Really Hard. She Spent Heaps Of Time Just Cooking Up A Story.

On Top Of Dutch There Is Filipino Police, Justice System Etc. Obviously Everyone Was Filipino So They Played A Core Part In The Abuse.

There Are Indo Brown Races In These Areas. It Has Been Indo Browns Causing Problems For Me In Many Of The Nations I Have Travelled To.

The Indians Are An Imperialistic Race And Are Trying To Run The Land Across Nations By Maintaining Corruption At Street Level.

At A Deeper Level, Taken Mainly From The Occultism In The Cell, Clothes Tattoos Etc. The Negro Races Are Participating In Particular Types Of Suppression Against Our Persons.

The Chinese – I Cant Ignore The Fact The Security Guards That Arrested Me Serve A Chinese Filipino Corporation And It Is Likely The Chinese Are Trying To Dominate The Nation Internally.

So Thats In Summary The People Who Want Me Locked Up.
– Dutch
– Indian / Asiatic Indo Brown Hybrids.
– Filipino Blue Blood Cult
– Negro Races
– Chinese / Filipino

In The Next Post Ill Detail The Purpose Of The Abuse.


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