Vaporize Update

Guys Is Live Again.

I’ve Said in Recent Writing These Days I’m More Inclined To Spend My Time On Art Creation Or Intelligence Platforms Or Teaching Than Commerce.

Being Honest, A Lot Of My Impetus On Restoring In Particular Is Being Able To Read The Advocacy Work I Have Done Historically.

I Do Have My Work To The Point That The Financial Commitment Is Small Compared To The Impact. We Are Achieving Things And Teaching Things That Most Media Simply Refuse To Teach.

During My Recent Travels In Siam. I Could See That Our Staunch Advocacy Of Cannabis Has Had An Impact All Around The World. People Communicated To Me That Our Work In Cannabis Had Directly Impacted Their Life. The People Literally Quoted My Work On Cannabis.

I Have Products in Stock Available For Shipping in Australia. I Am Going To Publish A Post On Vaporize Specifically About That. But For Here, All Orders You Place Are Extremely Helpful For Me.

Im Not At This Stage Going To Be Spending Heaps Of Time Searching For Jobs.

I Am Committed To The Vape And CBD Business And Our Technology In Scrutinising Product Quality is The Best In The World. 

In The Coming Months If We Get Some Traction I Am Going To Try And Source Small Amounts Of Capital For Stock. Starting With Sub 5K. We Were Contacted By People While Travelling On This.

We Will Not Be Investing Huge Amounts Of Effort In SEO This Time. We Are Going To Try Alternate Means For Promotion.

In Terms Of New CBD / Vape Shipping Partners. Searching Hard. Can’t Really Find Anyone That Looks Suitable Yet. When I Do, I Will Go Back To Manning Support Chat For 3 – 5 Hours A Day.

Being Honest When We Found Our Last Shipping Partner, I Didn’t Think I Would Find Anyone That Fit. But We Did, And We Integrated And We Had A Successful Trial Run.

For Example, I Found One CBD Drop Shipping Firm In England. Using Symbolic Occultism On A Topic We Alone Almost Exclusively Teach. And Yet They Don’t Wish To Do Business With Us. Strange Hey? It’s Like Spiritual Front Running. Typical Of Spineless English Faggots. Conduct Themselves Like Fairies. Make No Self Sacrifice. And Then Push Them Self Forward As Do Gooders.

But We Really Pushed Into That Business Area Early. And As Soon As The Mob Identifies Profit Potential. We Are Pushed Out And It Becomes Almost Impossible To Operate.

This Speaks Of Everything That I Seek To Launch.

I Think Over The Long Term What We Are Building Is Stronger Than Other Brands On The Market And Hope We Can Find The Right People To Build With In Time.

I Have Found A Replacement Bank For ING And Will Be Changing That Deposit Account Soon And Dumping ING.

Thats All Guys, Hit All Orders That You Place Are Super Meaningful To Me And Critical To Our Work.  

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