Super Update


I Just Spoke To My Super Fund.

They Transferred My Fund From A Place That Basically Means Pharaoh Eye Protection. To A Place That Means Physical Death Transmute. Yeah What Kind Of Physical Death.

I Have A Fairly Large Sum Of Money, Really That Would Get Me Out Of Trouble For Probably 2 Years. Just Sitting There.

They Are Saying. That They Won’t Release It Unless Im On Centrelink For 26 Months.

But They Won’t Even Process A Centrelink Claim.

I Told The Woman. They Won’t Put Me On Centrelink Because I Have Always Refused To Consent To Being Dead.

So That Money. It’s Money I Have Already Earned. It’s My Work Savings.

It’s Also Highly Unlikely They Will Give Me Another Corporate Job. So The Chances Of Contributing To The Fund Are Slim.

Im Going Apply For Release Of The Funds And Include A Cover Letter.

Because Of The Foul Conduct That Is Transpiring.

It’s Not Far From The Point Of Us Administering Blood Punishments To Children Walking To Their Schools.

And The Lesson To Parents Will Be.

If You Try To Punish Our Blood By Stealing What We Have Already Earned.

Your Gnosis Will Be In Your Children’s Deep Facial Scars.

Will Update You In A Few Weeks.

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