Studying Thai In Thailand

Boon Siam

So This Is What Im Going Through With My Language School.

You Can See This Piece Of Paper That The Admin Staff At Alongkorn Language School Gave Me.

They Gave It To Me A Couple Of Days Before I Was Due To Visit Immigration To Get My Passport Stamped
3 Month Education Visa Renewal / Checkin.

So Im Sitting At Home One Friday Night Smoking Some Tree And Glancing On This Piece Of Paper Thinking This Thing Looks Like A Stinky Dog Turd. But Anyways I Just Wanted To Maintain Graceful Relations With The School & With Thailand As A Whole So I Said Ill Just Go Along Monday, Dodge Any Bullshit, Get The Stamp & Move On.

The Day Comes To Do The Run And Im Pretty Free, My Only Real Concern Was How I Was Going To Dodge Null Otter, My Swedish Security Guard And Stoping Him From Making My Last Days In Krabi As Grey As A Stockholm Winter.

I Go To Class On Monday & Get Through The Final Class. Get Final Directions From The Assistant Of The Main Teacher And Make My Way To Krabi On The Back Of A Songthaew.

From Krabi Town I Jump On A Motorbike Taxi To The Destination Specified On The Paper.

I Wont Flesh Out The Whole Story. But In Short. You Find Yourself Running Around Thailand Sweating Like A Pig Dog, Chasing A Bum Steer Which A Foresaw Many Days Before, And I Just Say Fuck It.

Thats Not What I Came To Thailand To Do. Play Wheres Waldo And Be Bamboozled By Some Thai Purple Monkey Nigger God.

The Problem Is They Put You In Positions Of Danger For What They Think Is There Job Of Testing Or Judging You But Thats Not Really Their Role.

I Think A Clear Message From Our Lands Needs To Be Conveyed To The Thai/Siamese People That Any Thai Pig Nigger That Places Its Dirty Brown / Yellow Pig Nigger Hands On Any Of Our People Will Expediently Be Rendered A Dead Thai Pig Nigger.

So Now I Have To Establish How Im Going To Get Back In The Good Graces Of The Visa System.

Im Thinking About Maybe Crossing A Border Again Soon So That I Get My Passport Stamped Again And Don’t Have Any OverStay Fees.

Probably Cross Over In Laos, Cambodia Or Malaysia.

Because Im Already So Far In The South Will Probably Be Easiest To Do Malaysia.

I Think Thats The Plan For Sure.

Head South.













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