Soft Launching SexTransmute.Com

What is SexTransmute.Com?

Some Of Our Content Crosses Into The Realm Of Sexuality.

Often. I Don’t Even Want To Comment On The Space. 

But When Media Around You Is Projecting Commentary, Even At Times Directly Pertaining To You. 

Well, Its Actually Valuable You Have Your Own Platform To Address The Topic.

Sex Transmute Will Be Platform For The Development Of Tools For The Positive Ascensional Sexual Transmutation Of Our People. To Continue Our Reproduction And Suppress Forces Who Seek To Suppress Us.

Many Men Will Not Know. As They Grow. A Force Will Come Up Against Them That Knows The Properties Of The Realm And will Literally Use Technologies To Try To Energetically Suppress Them. 

I Told You That As I Travelled In New Savile. Department Stores And Bars I Entered. Literally Started Playing Lonely Music. So A Force Attempted To Prevent For Many Year My Exposure To Women. And Then Tried To Tip Me Into A State Of Depression. I Still Managed To Get Some Sneaky Nuts In. Na na nah nana.

And While In Foreign Lands. As I Spoke To Women As I Traveled. Mysterious Dark Looking Men Would Pull Up And Kind Of Scope Out The Situation. Real Strange Stuff.  

So Your Sex Life Becomes Very Much A State Of Warfare.  Which Is Not Ever How You Want To Feel When You Are With A Woman. But When You Look At The Bigger Picture Reality Of What is Transpiring Around Your People. Thats What Plays Out.

Want More Proof?

Well You Know I Referenced PJ Harvey. In Reference To People I Have Had In My Past Love Life.

In Her Work, Their Are Avatars Of Laurie, And Myself A French Girl I Met. And I Have Used Her In Pictures Because I Thought She Bore A Likeness To Bella And Her Sister. Similar Blood.

Well That Name Harvey Means “Battle Ready”. Its A Breton Name.  

So PJ Harvey Would Read Saturn Saturn Battle Ready Or Death Death Battle Ready.

The Largest Electronics Retailer In Our Part Of Australia Is Named Harvey Norman. That Would Read As Battle Ready North Man. 

So The Breton Have A Strong Hold In Our Region. And They Posture Themselves And Conduct Themselves In All Matters From Sex To Business In A War Like Manner. 

Me Myself. More Of A Lover Than A Fighter.

SexTransmute Will Be The Place Where We Tackle The Complex Matters Of Our Divine Bloodlines Ongoing Sexual Transmutation. 

Still At The Early Stages Of Conceiving This Project. But I Think It Will Prove Helpful To Have A Sex Related Platform That is Not Pornographic But Instead Informational.  

One Concept I Am Considering As Starting Point Is Providing Sexual Transmutation Briefs About Different Nations And Cultures As I Almost Have Done In This Article. Just Giving People Different Information About Sex Culture In Different Lands And How Our People Should Relate To Them. 

Just Concluding. By The Time They Are Commenting On Your Sexuality In Media. For One They Are Trying To Mentally Affect You. Trust Me When I Say It Gets To The Point You Couldn’t Give A Fuck What The Say. But When They Start Using These Technologies They Are Trying To Energetically Effect You And The Whole Realm. And Obviously Trying To Entrench A Pattern Where Blue Bloods Maintain Control Of The Realm. It Becomes Important To Have Your Own Channel And Outlet On Sexuality. Unfortunately When Many Men Come Up Against These Forces. They Won’t Have The Tools, Skills Or Tech To Combat Them. And Will Wind Up Suppressed And In A Box. We Teach So People Know About These Forces.

Got The First Article On SexTransmute.Com Already. Check It Out.

More To Come From That Project Soon.

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