Soft Launching IDeDentify.Com

The First Thing I Noticed When I Started Fleshing Out The Concept For IDeDentify.Com Is That I Started Writing – “Our Service Will Identify You.”

In Many Respects Thats What We Are Trying To Build, A Service That Identifies Living Souls – Not An Identification That Pre Supposes You Are Dead In The Brain.

But In Using The Word Identify, We Are Almost Immediately Defeated.

So The Core Of What We Seek To Produce Is A Divine Being Verification Service. I Also Struggled With The Terminology Of This. Starting With The Term Living Soul.

When I Got Back From Overseas I Mentioned I Wanted To Start A Project Where I Read Peoples Photos Like Psychic Readings. Well That Concept Has Gone Into A Service Offering On The Project IDeDentify. And What We Are Offering People Is Consultation That Essentiality Aims To Defend Energetic Flow To The Pineal. By Freeing People From Occult Cursing And Harassment Through Analysis For People In A Variety Of Scenarios.

In The Coming Weeks I Will Put A Commercial Offering On Those Services, However The Bigger Challenge Is Developing What We Call The Verification Service.

I Have A Range Of Things In Mind, For Example Scrutinising And Grading Beings That Are Presented To Us On The Etheric Web Or Media. We May Offer A Self Verification Service Or We May Create A Verification And Grading System Of Beings That Is Automated.

Our Long Term Goal Is To Offer The Service To Governments Of The Day Who Do Not Wish To Operate Administrations That Profit By Feeding On The Blood Of Humanity. We Wish To Offer A Divine Being Verification System That Supports Beings Growth Toward The Highest Levels Of Human Consciousness.

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