Personal Updates

Hey Yall,

Just A Few Small Personal Updates.

Looking At Closing Off My ING Bank Account In The Next Few Weeks. Will Find Viable Replacement.

Like I Said, I’ve Been Filtering FSP’s For Many Years. Closing Commonwealth Bank Acc Years Ago Realising The Commonwealth Was A Turd.

ING Is No Different. So Von Dutch. Mega Blue Blood Saturn Rape Stalking Cult. All Transgressions Will Be Equally Reflected On Those People.

Going To Investigate Closing Off My Super Account. Published Heaps On Super Before. Nothing Has Changed. Just A Bunch Of Jew Cult Corporates Feeding On Our Blood. More M&A Than The London Tech Sector.

If I Get Hands On Super, Might Be On The Road Sooner Than Later. Don’t Mind The Idea Of Bouncing Out For A While And Then Stopping In At Home Again To Regroup. Doing Lots Of Work At Home Now Which Helps The Oldies.

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