New Technology Projects

Hi Guys,

In The Coming Months Eye Am Going To Begin The Development Of Three New Technology Projects.

– I Will Be Experimenting With Launching My Own Time Zone. This Will Allow Individuals, Nations And Higher Orders Synch With Me In An Effort To Establish Harmonious Relations. Very Experimental But With Projects Like There Is Experimental Technology Im Really Excited About Like Event Effect Confirmations And Paradigm Shifts. So Playing With New Ideas Can Be Fruitful Even In The Long Term. This Project Will Be Built At

– Years Ago I Discussed Building A Project Called The Master Teacher. I Have Told You When I Do My Work One Of The Energies I Try To Channel Is 33 – The Master Teacher. This Will Be Built At MasterTeacher.Me & I Am Going To Start By Publishing All Of My Old Youtube Videos There So I Already Have Quite A Large Library.

– While Travelling I Started Building Edibles.TV And Have Produced First Videos. I May Put That Production Live Soon Also.

May Have Announced Something Similar Before. Im Looking At Implementing A Cross Network Search. Id Like People To Search Across All Of Our Productions. Obviously We Wouldn’t Be A Database As Large As Google. But Authority Is A Mysterious Thing. It May Get To The Point Where People Desire To See Our Opinions And Teachings On Topics Instead Of Aggregate Search Engines.

As A Side Note I Will Be Restoring Australian Vape Sites Soon.

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