Job Hunting

Hey Yall,

Starting Job Hunting This Week. Has Been Worth Taking A Few Weeks To Unwind.

You’ll Notice They Are Threatening I’ll Never Work Again. They Is Trying To Starve A Knee Grow. I Have A Cat To Feed. Its Quite The Nefarious Force That Exists Here Isn’t It?

Anyways, Gonna Just Keep This Short. Gonna Put A Few Rules In Place.

Looking Mostly Local. Mostly Remote.

Because They Saturn Rape You And Play A Bunch Of Occult Games During Job Search. Rules Will Be.

No References.
No Interview Assignments.
Also A Number Of Races I Won’t Interview With. Particularly Because Of Unpleasant Tensions. Such Races Saturn Raped Me Last Interview Process.

With The References I Get Advanced Information About My Past Employers That They Are Not Following A Christian Path.

My Core Work Is Prod And SEO / Marketing / Digital. But I Can Consult On Strategies That Take Companies Beyond Google SEO. And Beyond Facebook. With My Personal Work, Im Beyond Google And Facebook. But For Businesses I Consult Across All Platforms. With Google SEO I Say Grab What You Can. But With Youtube / Facebook Ads. You Can Probably Get Major Audiences And Major Traction. Id Ask Myself As A Business – What Neighbourhoods Do You Want To be A Part Of? For Longevity. Probably A Lot Of Players And Start Ups In The Ad Space With Different Tech.

Not Going To Look For Fruit Picking Work But There Is Some Construction Stuff I Wouldn’t Mind Doing.

Anyways Starting Applying This Week.

More Soon.


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