Eternal Life Series

Our Network Including Wellbeing.TV And Pharma.TV Are Going To Begin Publish Articles Branded The Eternal Life Series.

Health Tips On How To Achieve The Biblical Promise Of Eternal Life.

I Have Around 3 Concepts For The Series Ready To Start.

Its A Bit Of A Mindset Thing. Like In Jail. All The Guys Were Telling Me About The Invert Monster Premmie Daughters. And One Prison Guard Said. Oh You Don’t Have Children Yet, You Are Getting Old. Obviously It Was Gaslighting. They Did Heaps Of That In Jail. I Said To Him. No Its Not An Issue. I Get Eternal Life. He Shut Right Up. So Its A Strengthening Attitude.

Its Biblical Promise And Its About 30 Minutes Of Basic European Alchemy Study To Find Out Thats What They Believed.

I Don’t Sit And Say Im Practicing Alchemy Really Just The Same As I Tell You Of Magic. But It’s Really Obvious That Some Of The Avatars Being Used Are The Ancestors Of Our Men And Women. Watching Over Them And Protecting Them. And Trying To Alchemically Transmute Them Northward. Why Wouldn’t Wise Ancestors Do That For Their Children?

First Articles In Eternal Life Series Coming Soon.

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