DivineDecodes Founder To Launch Women’s Media Network – Catwalk.TV 

Like I Said Earlier, I Have A Backlog Of Projects I Want To Announce.

Im Generally Happy With How Im Using Our Media Network At The Moment.

For Example, Some Days Posting Content Across Projects Like Divine Decodes, Decoded Light, Digital Marketing TV And Wellbeing TV. 

There Are Some Live Projects Im Hoping To Start Making More Use Of Soon. Including Investment TV And Asia Business TV.

Today Im Announcing The Beginning Of A New Project Focusing On Fashion And Spiritual Support For Women.

The Project Will Be Called Catwalk.TV.

It’s Main Focus Will Be Fashion And Culture But Will Also Have A Focus On Education For Women Around The Complex Occult Concepts That We Teach On. 

The Way That I See It. Is That Fashion Is Often Linked With Vanity. And Vanity Or Superficial Thinking Is A Sin That Has Long Term Consequences For When Your Being Grows Into The Spiritual Realm.

It’s So Complex That What You Find Is That If You Are Superficial The Outcome May Be That Beings Have A Power Over You And Spiritually Energetically Extract You.

Even With The Concept Of Sex – The Project Will Not Focus On Sex. But With Fashion There Is An Aspect That Sex Appeal Is A Part Of That Culture. What Appears To Happen Is That Forces Try To Box Women Into Guilt About The Body With Out Even Teaching Them The Basic Meanings Of The Body Which Can Be Found Through Studying The Alphabet And Anatomy. Again Ignorance On These Topics Can Lead To Energetic Hexing And Energetic Extraction And Spiritual Claims Around Christianity – When Again The Bible Teaches Not To Take Fellowship From Beings Who Are Ignorant. Beings Who Don’t Understand The Alphabet Can Surely Be Described As That.

So We View Human Intelligence As Like A Trellis That A Vine Grows On. It’s A Spiritual Structure. And While Some Men And Women May Feel Like Intelligence Isn’t Their Strong Point. Actually The Occult Wisdom Isn’t A Complex Mathematics. It’s Just An Alternate Way To Look At Letters And Numbers That Can Lead To Wisdom And Strengthening Of The Being. The Stronger The Intelligence And Understanding Of These Occult Topics, The More Structure And Strength You Give Your Being The Ability To Grow Upon.

So Catwalk.TV Will Offer Fashion Media Without A Focus On High End Brands. Also To Be A Spiritual Release Mechanism For Women. To Teach Them They Can Look Good And Feel Good Without Sacrificing Morally So They Can Buy Overpriced Brand Fashion That Is Probably Manufactured in China Anyway. As Well As Offering Spiritual Education To Women On Topics Of Spiritual Growth And Ascension.

We Will Aim To Teach Women That Their Longevity Isn’t Tied To Financial Abundance Alone. And Although Women May Aspire To Marry A Doctor. I’m Not Saying That Financial Stability Is Not Important. It’s Great If You Can Get It. But It’s Also Possible To Find That Financial Stability – And Be In The Service Of Nefarious Spiritual Forces. You Ultimately Want To Find Strength In Serving Good Spirit And Wisdom.

So Summarising. Catwalk.TV Will Develop Media In The Area Of:
– Women’s And Men’s Fashion With A Focus On Low Key Down To Earth Products
– Occult Education For Women On Spirituality, Sexuality And Ascension

I Dedicated Our Production Of Decoded Light To My Favourite Movie Producer Stanley Kubrick. 

Catwalk.TV Is Going To Be Dedicated To My First Cat. Love Cat.

Catwalk.TV Is Currently In Production And Will Go Live Once The First Content Is Produced.


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