Divine Decodes Founder To Produce Aramaic.TV

Im Announcing This Now. 

Because With Some Projects.

WordPress Is Really Just Becoming My Desktop. 

So Starting A New Project. Just Means Installing WordPress. 

When I For Example Announce Catwalk.TV – It Means A New Stream Of Work. A Lot Of Thinking A Lot Of Planning.

I Announce These Things Incrementally When I Feel Like I Am Making Progress On Existing Projects.

With Some Projects It’s Not Really A New Stream, Of Work. 

With Aramaic.TV – What Im Planning On Doing Is Just Taking The Time I Use To Spend Studying Aramaic Privately. Which Is Really Just Fun Time For Me. 

And Doing That Practice Directly On Aramaic.TV. 

One Of The Things I Am Thinking Of Developing With The Project Is A Simple Way For Me To Render The Ancient Hebrew Pictographs To Produce Otiot. Or Word Studies So That I Can Output Dictionaries. I Am Working On Similar Concepts On Divine Decodes Now.

There Doesn’t Seem To Be An Ancient Pictographic Hebrew Font Available.

Although I Would Imagine There Are Aramaic & Syriac Fonts.

Anyways I’ll Just Find A Way To Output The Pictographs So I Have A Little Keyboard Type Setup.

And Then I Will Do Different Studies And What Not Of Aramaic On The Project.  

I Will Be Beginning Production Of This Soon.

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